Thursday, March 29, 2007

2 Legs of Bull Break Invalidated

09:10pm PRICE in Globex session has invalidated the 2 Legs of the Bull Break. We are now back onto the Bull TREND (TREND Chart Basis) - Refer to this morning's post and the Key level of 1436.50.
09:47pm Although we are back on the Bull TREND (TREND Chart Basis), we still need to keep a look out that PRICE does not head back down to Breach last PRIME Support at 1426.75.

09:56pm Waiting for a LONG setup.
10:07pm LONG 1434.75 / STOP 1433.75
10:11pm Out at 1434.25 / -0.50pts. Didn't like the PFs (PRICE Failures).
10:16pm Was "faked out" of that trade.
10:26pm Be taking my "leave" for the next hour or so..."Prison Break" is up next on the telly.
12:18am We are in danger of creating Leg 1 of Bull Break again! Very frustrating...
12:50am A glimmer of hope here...So closed to last PRIME Support of 1426.75. Is the down move done? - PRIME PPF of Support on the Trading Chart.
12:55am Oh no...PRIME CONSOLIDATION. Let's see which way it breaks...
12:58am Unfortunately for me, it will only be known tomorrow, because it's g'nite for now...1 Trade. 1 Loser.

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