Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Down...And Then Back Up

The market did not respond to the Housing Data well and had the wind knocked out of it. It was a 14pt drop (not at one go) from the point the news came out to the lows of the session. That blip pushed PRICE into PRIME Territory, on the TREND Chart & with a PRIME PPF of Support (1433.75) at 1434.25 at 11.04pm (Singapore Time), on the Trading Chart, and with the TREND Chart pointing up, it was a recipe for a LONG. I took that LONG and was duly rewarded with 4.25pts. If you were still awake after that trade, you would have taken more points than I did.
Going into the close, we have entered into PRIME Resistance on the TREND Chart. But as PRICE has yet to fail, we will continue to look for LONGs, with some due caution, of course. The target for the current up move is 1451.00

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