Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leg 1 of Bull Break...Again !

Again, the ES showed its indecision when it first invalidated the night before's Leg 1 of Bull Break with a PRIME Higher High (HH) at 1439.75 but only to give it all up as it created Leg 1 of Bull Break again when it Breached last PRIME Support (at 1423.25) with a PRIME Lower Low (LL) at 1418.25 ! The up move from that LL is now in the process of creating Leg 2 of Bull Break. Will we see all 3 Legs this time round? Or will we see PRICE invalidating Leg 1 and pulling us back into the Bull TREND again?

Swing Chart
We are still in Bull territory and PRICE is also in PRIME. Interestingly, we are creating 3 x Divergent bottom/support. Will this be the final spring board for PRICE to head back up to challenge 1451.00 ? Tune is to next week's trading sessions...

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