Monday, March 05, 2007

PRIME PPF? Confirmed Bottom?

10.32pm PRIME PPF. With TREND Chart pointing up, do we have a confirmed bottom in sight? Let's observe first...
10:35pm LONG 1378.00 / STOP 1377.00 - First target, 1380.75
10:37pm Next target, 1387.75 (with pull backs, of course)
10:45pm Will hold on to the LONG. A few fake-outs to get out, so far...
10:47pm Beginning to regret the decision...hmmm. Nah. must stick to the plan.
10:49pm Oops...TREND Chart has started to turn down. Could very well be the end of this upmove altogether. Will get out if PRICE starts to fail at 1382.00
10:51pm Fake out there...
10:52pm 1381.50 / +3.50pts. Decided to preserve profit first.
10:55pm Well, well, well...Guess I did trade to my plan.
10:58pm The target of 1387.75 mentioned earlier at 10:37pm looks very much intact...
11:00pm Missed 1387.75 by 0.50pts.
11:13pm Wow...quite a trending day.
11:15pm On the SWING Chart, we have a 2xDivergent Bottom at 1371.00
12:52am Sorry but have been watching telly since the last trade. Am turning in right now. 2 Trades / 2 Winners.
01:34am Before I go into Dreamland, it looks like we could get a CONFIRMED Bottom on the TREND Chart setting up. Watch for it - especially if you start to see PRICE heading back up to challenge 1393.75

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