Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weak Open on the ES

10:05pm Wild PRICE swings.
10:10pm LONG 1434.25 / STOP 1433.25
10:12pm Stopped out at 1433.25 / -1.00pt
10:13pm Oscillation PPFs - Consolidation
10:30pm We have just broken out of the consolidation.
10:31pm Looks like "DOWN" we go...
10:35pm Markets taking a hit due to Ben's comments.
11:00pm Let's see if we can get a confirmed bottom here for the Leg 1 of Back Door Bull Break.
12.03am Done for the night. 1 Trade. 1 Loser.

PS: PRIME PPF of Support just occurred. Bottom of Leg 1 is in (12.05am). PRICE will be heading back up to challenge last PRIME Resistance at 1449.00 on the TREND Chart to give us Leg 2. Whether Leg 2 ends within tonight's session is anybody's guess...Just watch out for PRICE to fail.
Interestingly, we have also just hit PRIME Territory on the Swing Chart as well...hmmm

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