Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another Boring Day?

09:33pm Will we see another boring trading day ahead? Personally, I don't think so. We'll probably see some directional trading today.
09:42pm Back to Back PRIME PPFs on the Trading Chart - Consolidation.
10:08pm Possible LONG here.
10:10pm LONG 1448.75 / STOP 1447.75
10:16pm I see a potential breakout in PRICE here...
10:18pm STOP remains at the same place - just in case PRICE starts to fail instead.
10:23pm Bulls & Bears jostling for 1449.00
10:24pm If we don't make any headway soon, I'll be getting out of this LONG Trade.
10:27pm Buyers are supporting...moving STOP to 1448.00
10:32pm Moving STOP to 1448.25
10:39pm Stopped at 1448.25 / -0.50pts. Glad to be out of the trade - was painfully slow!
10:40pm Be back later..."Prison Break" is showing on the TV now.
11:51pm Ok, ok, ok...I was wrong. It's another painfully, painfully slow trading session again.
12:04am Here's the breakout...FINALLY !
12:36am Bedtime. Good night and have a safe Good Friday long weekend !

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