Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flat Opening

09:40pm Have to head out for a short while to buy some durians. Be back later...
10:04pm I'm back...With the PRIME PPF at 1503.25 at 09:41pm (S'pore Time), it looks like an interim top is currently in place. PRICE is heading down to challenge last PRIME Support at 1480.25 on the TREND Chart. Will be looking to SHORT pullbacks.
10:10pm Placing a SELL STOP at 1498.75
10:11pm SELL STOP Triggered. SHORT 1498.75 / STOP 1500.00
10:14pm Out at 1499.75 / -1.00pt. The pullback is still not done. Was an early entry.
10:16pm SHORT 1499.00 / STOP 1500.00 - This SHORT has to take out 1497.50
10:19pm Moving STOP to 1499.50 - I don't like the way PRICE is taking so long to go lower.
10:21pm I like the speed it is heading down.
10:24pm Wow! Look at the way they defended 1497.50...PRIME Match, on the Trading Chart. 10:25pm Stopped at 1499.50 / -0.50pts.
10:26pm The PRIME Match shows the weakness in the down move. Will look out for a possible LONG set up - Because PRICE is now in PRIME on the TREND Chart and it has also just turned up.
10:36pm Looks like the down move is done. Would love to see a PRIME PPF of Support (at 1497.50) to give us that confirmation.
10:46pm I feel safer to wait for a PRIME PPF of Support to go LONG.
10:51pm Aggressive SHORT at 1501.25 / STOP 1502.25
10:56pm Covered my SHORT at 1501.50 / -0.25pt and Going LONG at 1501.50 / STOP 1500.50 - We are heading back up, baby!
11:08pm Moving STOP to 1501.00
11:13pm Moving STOP to B.E.
11:19pm Stopped at B.E. I'm calling it a night. Had a long day and the tiredness is getting to me. 4 Trades. 3 Losers / 1 B.E.

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