Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bullish Day Without Much Volatility

It was a bullish session last night & if you were not in a LONG trade in the early part of the trading session, it would have been a boring day, especially from 11:00pm (Singapore Time) onwards. By then the ES had already gained closed to 12 points, and the action thereafter, to the close of the session, was ranged bound between 1446.00 & 1450.00

Trading Chart
Going into the close, PRICE has yet to fail and any oscillation PPF would be ideal for a LONG (TREND Chart has turned up). But as usual, after such a run up, it would always be wise to keep a look out for PRICE to fail.

We are back on the Bull TREND and as usual, we would need PRICE to "print" a Higher Low (HL) in PRIME, so that PRICE can go higher.

Swing Chart
On my charts, a "break out" of the downward Trend Line has occurred.

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