Monday, April 02, 2007

Just Another Flat Opening

09:48pm SHORT 1433.25 / STOP 1434.25
09:49pm Moving STOP to 1434.00
09:54pm Slight hint of consolidation here...will be careful with my trade & will adjust accordingly.
09:57pm Moving STOP to 1433.50
09:58pm PRICE is taking too long to breakdown...
10:00pm This is better.
10:02pm Out at 1429.50 / +3.75pts
10:19pm Didn't take the subsequent SHORT...was too busy savouring my points gained. LOL. Anyway, I am always careful not to give back what I've gained. Had a bad habit of doing that in the past...
10:27pm Counter-TREND LONG possibly setting up.
10:41pm Sorry...didn't take that LONG. Slipped myself into the Living Room for a dose of "Desperate Housewives". Show just started...hehehe. Be back later.
11:11pm Whoa ! What a "Counter-TREND" trade...looks more like a reversal !
12:13am Man...The last hour has been really really painful to watch (PRICE Movements, that is).
12:14am A Potential SHORT is setting up.
12:52am Not like this it isn't...I call this PRICE movement the "lunch time fakes".
01:06am I'm done for the night. 1 Trade. 1 Winner.

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