Thursday, April 12, 2007

Matched Oscillation Support Created During Globex

09:32pm PRICE gave us a Matched Oscillation Support (1444.50) during the Globex session. This means some weakness in the downmove. Will keep a look out for a Minor PPF, to give us a possible LONG.
09:38pm Putting a STOP Buy at 1446.25
09:44pm STOP Buy cancelled. The Matched Oscillation Support invalidated by the lower low.
09:46pm With the Lower Low, SHORTs are still valid - But do watch out for pullbacks & also, a possible change in TREND.
09:55pm I am not in any trade...Just watching the PRICE action.
10:04pm The possible change in TREND is happening...Now, for that Minor PPF I talked about in my earlier post, at 09:32pm. TREND Chart has also just turned up...
10:15pm LONG 1445.00 /STOP 1444.00
10:18pm Bailing out of this LONG. Out at 1444.50 / -0.50pts - Didn't like the PRICE movements.
10:20pm Was "faked out" of that trade.
10:21pm Will wait for another opportunity...much later. "Prison Break" will be showing in 10 minutes time, on the telly.
10:22pm Look at the move...! Talk about being miffed!
12:06am We are heading back up to challenge last PRIME Resistance at 1459.00 - Swing Chart has turned up.
12:08am Retiring to bed. 1 Trade. 1 Loser.

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