Monday, April 16, 2007

Positive Open for the ES

09:23pm Looks like it's going to be a good start to the week...I was so busy over the weekend that I did not even manage to post my review of Friday night's trades. In any case, just a note here: PRICE has yet to fail going up...
09:35pm Let's see if PRICE heads back down to close the "gap "at the open...
09:48pm Aggressive SHORT at 1471.25 / STOP 1472.25
09:50pm Stopped at 1472.25 / -1.00pt
09:51pm SHORT 1471.50 / STOP 1472.50 - Trying again.
09:53pm On an Oscillation basis, PRICE is heading down to challenge 1468.75
09:56pm Out at 1470.50 / +1.00pt. Decided to take profit first, to cover the earlier loss.
09:57pm It's a toss up here...We are in PRIME, on the Trading Chart, but the TREND Chart has just turned down...LONGs have to be cautious here.
09:59pm Will go for another SHORT if the opportunity presents itself again.
10:00pm SHORT 1470.25 / STOP 1471.25
10:03pm Stopped at 1471.25 / -1.00pt. Really frustrating.
10:08pm And the whipsaw PRICE movements begin...
12:06am Time for bed...3 Trades. 1 Winner / 2 Losers.

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