Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PRICE Yet To Fail

09:34pm PRICE continues to power up...
09:40pm Potential Minor PPF of Resistance setting up.
09:49pm Missed that Minor PPF SHORT.
09:52pm SHORT 1491.75 / STOP 1492.75
09:56pm Stopped at 1492.75 / -1.00pt.
10:00pm SHORT 1492.25 / STOP 1493.25
10:01pm That drop was quick. And so was the pull back. I am holding on to the trade a bit longer. TREND Chart has turned down.
10:03pm I am pi**ed. Stopped at 1493.25 / -1.00pt.
10:04pm Will attempt another SHORT.
10:05pm SHORT 1492.00 / STOP 1493.00
10:09pm Moving STOP to B.E.
10:12pm Out at 1489.50 / +2.50pts.
10:16pm Aggressive LONG at 1488.50 / STOP 1487.50 - Gunning for a quick 2 pointer.
10:17pm Moving STOP to 1487.75
10:19pm Out at 1489.75 / +1.25pts.
10:30pm Gap has been covered...
10:46pm We may just see PRICE making a push for the 1500 level tonight - Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of STOPs (Buys & Sells) are hit at that level.
11:02pm LONG 1491.00 / STOP 1490.00 - PRICE should be going up to test 1493.25 first.
11:05pm Moving STOP to 1490.50 - Keeping the STOP tight.
11:07pm Here we go...
11:09pm Out at 1492.75 / +1.75pts.
11:21pm We might just get that PRIME PPF of Support for the confirmation of the end of this morning's down move, and will probably set the market up for that 1500 level challenge.
12:15pm I'm done for the night. 5 Trades. 3 Winners / 2 Losers.

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