Monday, April 23, 2007

All Set for a Pullback,Perhaps?

09:30pm Minor PPF of Resistance, on the Trading Chart, with TREND Chart pointing down.
09:31pm A Minor PPF of Support now - Consolidation.
09:43pm We had a PRIME PPF of Support just now, and now we are gettting a PRIME PPF of Resistance - TREND Chart still pointing down. A possible top here. Any SHORT here must result in a Breach of 1489.75 (today's low so far).
09:47pm SHORT 1492.50 / STOP 1493.50
09:49pm Stopped at 1493.50 / -1.00pt.
09:51pm Looks like PRICE doesn't want to fail here.
10:03pm Missed the SHORT there...went to tape a TV program.
10:10pm SHORT 1492.75 / STOP 1494.00
10:14pm Moving STOP to 1493.25 - Don't want to be caught on a upswing.
10:15pm I knew something like that would happen...stopped at 1493.25 / -0.50pts.
10:19pm SHORT 1493.25 / STOP 1494.25
10:22pm Moving STOP to 1494.00 - Have to leave my "post", for a moment. Be right back...
10:33pm I'm back. Moving STOP to 1493.50
10:38pm Out at 1493.00 / +0.25pts. Just not happening for me tonight.
10:45pm SHORT 1492.50 / STOP 1493.50 - My last trade for the night.
10:47pm Moving STOP to 1493.75
10:49pm That's it! I'm done. Stopped at 1493.75 / -1.25pts. Having a bad patch recently...I need a good sleep. 4 Trades. 3 Losers / 1 Winner.

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