Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Traders Continue to Support the Bullishness

10:30pm Just stepped into the house 25 minutes ago - For the un-informed, I am involved in the National Squash League and our matches are played on Tuesday nights. Games normally end around 9-9:30pm, so by the time I hit home, the trading session has already started. I would usually take a "lighter" trading stance on Tuesdays...The good news is that the League will end soon, sometime in late May, so hopefully by then, Tuesday tradings will be back to normal...
11:51pm Speculative SHORT 1481.25 / STOP 1482.25
11:55pm Adjusting STOP to 1482.00
12:03am Stopped at 1482.00 / -0.75pts.
12:03am Can't quite keep my eyes open any longer...The tiredness is setting in. Good night all!1 Trade. 1 Loser.

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