Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Flat Opening for the ES

09:50pm Just stepped into the house from my squash game...will wait for PRICEs to give me a clearer picture before taking any trade.
10:10pm A possible LONG here. Let's see if a PF appears.
10:16pm Didn't like the PRICE movements. Was tempted to go in but I decided not to pull the trigger.
10:19pm Now, that was a good decision...Phew!
10:20pm I still want to get a clearer picture before doing anything.
10:22pm Will be careful with SHORTs as the down moves are not penetrative enough. The PRIME Lower Lows are just B-PPFs, and not full Breaches. In fact, we are getting a potential 3 X Divergent bottom on the TREND Chart.
10:23pm Did you see that pull back in PRICE? That's why I said earlier SHORTs have to be careful.
10:36pm PRICE Match at 1529.50. Will we get a LONG signal?
10:50pm Patience. Still sitting on my hands.
11:06pm We are caught in "no man's land"...PRICE is moving in a 3pt range. Be back later...gonna have my dinner.
12:o1am At the moment, SHORTs are valid.
12:25am Maybe not...LOL. TREND Chart is trying to turn up...
12:56am We have a break out!
02:00am I actually doozed off, next to my "trading desk". LOL. No Trades tonight.

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