Monday, May 07, 2007

Clearing Last Week's High of 1517.00?

09:44pm We are 0.25pts away from last week's high.
09:47pm LONGs are still valid but I am a little cautious here. Will wait for a "stronger" set up before taking up any position.
10:06pm Still sitting on my hands...
10:18pm LONG 1514.00 / STOP 1513.00
10:21pm Moving STOP To 1513.50
10:26pm Out at 1515.00 / +1.00pt.
10:35pm Minor Confirmation of a Top - NOT a PRIME Confirmation.
10:47pm Pretty tricky so far...Lower Oscillation Low & Highs. TREND Chart trying to turn up. Will look out for a potential LONG again.
10:50pm I am still weary of LONGs as the TREND Chart is still pointing down...trying to turn up but no effect as yet - A Minor PPF of Support would do the trick, though.
11:07pm Nasty consolidation going on.
11:54pm Taking a break...looks like this consolidation is gonna take a while.
02:34am Worst than watching paint dry. 1 Trade. 1 Winner.

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