Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GLOBEX PRICE Movements point to a Break of PRIME Support on the TREND Chart

09:32pm With the break of last PRIME Support on the TREND Chart, SHORTs will be the order, at the moment.
09:35pm SHORTs on pull backs are still valid, but with some caution. PRICE has hit PRIME, on the TREND Chart.
09:38pm SHORT 1515.00 / STOP 1516.00
09:39pm Moving STOP to 1515.25. TREND Chart is trying to turn up.
09:40pm Stopped at 1515.25 / -0.25pts.
09:48pm Another SHORT 1515.00 / STOP 1516.00
09:53pm The spikes are terrible. Stopped at 1516.00 / -1.00pt.
11:46pm Tonight being a holiday eve over here in Singapore, I might just retire early.
12:21am We are just 0.50pts away from creating Leg 1 of Bear Break.
12:25am Leg 1 of Bear Break.
12:31am SWING Chart - Has just turned up too. Folks, we are heading back up to challenge the recent high of 1535.75, on a SWING Basis.
02:08am Wild swings in PRICE due to the release of the FOMC Minutes. 2 Trades. 2 Losers.

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