Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lower Open on the ES

09:41pm On the TREND Chart, we have a PRIME PPF of Resistance - not very good news. A Leg 1 of Bull Break could be in the making. Last PRIME Support on the TREND Chart is at 1507.00
09:43pm Two Oscillation Matches, back to back - INDECISION
09:49pm We are just 0.75pts away from a Leg 1 of Bull Break.
10:06pm Leg 1 of Bull Break - TREND Chart.
10:15pm Stepping away for a while to take my dinner...
11:07pm Minor PPF of Support - Minor Confirmation of the bottom at 1505.75. SHORTs have to be cautious, especially with the TREND Chart pointing up.
11:16pm SHORT 1507.25 / STOP 1508.25
11:22pm Stopped at 1508.25 / - 1.00pt.
11:24pm LONG 1507.75 / STOP 1506.75
11:26pm Out at 1508.00 / + 0.25pts - Am seeing a potential Minor PPF of Resistance to go SHORT.
11:29pm SHORT 1508.00 / STOP 1509.00
11:42pm Moving STOP To 1508.75
11:47pm Moving STOP to 1508.25
11:55pm Stopped at 1508.25 / - 0.25pts.
12:02am SHORT 1507.50 / STOP 1508.25
12:10am Stopped at 1508.25 / -0.75pts.
12:30am Done for the night. The "chop" is killing me. 4 Trades. 3 Losers / 1 Winner

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