Thursday, May 10, 2007

Negative Open for the ES

09:59pm Just got back from dinner...
10:01pm PRICE did not give us a PRIME PPF of Resistance, so on an Oscillation basis, lower highs & lower lows showed it's down move...until now, that is - Minor PPF at 1509.75 of Support 1509.00 formed at 09:56pm & PRICE is now in PRIME, on the TREND Chart.
10:20pm Trading Chart - PRICE is now is PRIME Resistance. But with TREND Chart pointing up, SHORTs would have to be cautious.
10:31pm Be back later..."Prison Break 2" is now showing on the TV.
11:32pm I'm! We are in danger of creating Leg 1 of Bull Break - We just hit a MATCH.
11:49pm That MATCH is PRIME Support is safe at the moment. Unless we start to "fail" (PRIME PPF of Support) here & head back up, we are really in grave danger of forming Leg 1 of Bull Break. No trades for me tonight. Am feeling very tired & I have an early day tomorrow. Best not to do anything tonight. See ya all for tomorrow night's session. G'night.
11:54pm Oops...Leg 1 of Bull Break.

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