Monday, May 21, 2007

No signs of this upmove yet.

09:40pm TREND Chart has turned down & Trading Chart is possibly offering a SHORT set up with a Minor PPF of Resistance.
09:45pm Still sitting on my hands...No trigger yet.
09:54pm Didn't take that SHORT. Wasn't too comfortable with it.
10:01pm Took a LONG instead at 1528.00 / STOP 1527.00 - PRICE has to take out 1528.75
10:03pm Moving STOP to 1527.50
10:06pm Breaking out?
10:07pm Moving STOP to B.E.
10:09pm Out at 1529.00 / +1.00pts - PF (PRICE Failure).
10:16pm Now let's see what this Break Out is made of...
10:17pm Hmmm....not too good. Looks like a false break. Pull back in PRICE is rather deep.
10:32pm Minor PPF of Resistance - SHORT setting up (Trading Chart). TREND Chart still pointing down.
10:51pm No Lower High. PRICE made a Higher High instead, on the Trading Chart.
10:53pm SHORTs are getting the moment.
10:54pm 3 X Divergent Top, on the TREND Chart.
11:32pm Sitting on my hands again...
11:37pm Market activity has slowed quite a bit...
01:32am SHORT 1532.00 / STOP 1533.00
01:43am Out at 1530.50 / +1.50pts.
01:52am Am thinking of waiting for another SHORT but I'm struggling to keep awake. Will stop here & "fight" another day. G'nite. 2 Trades. 2 Winners.

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