Friday, May 25, 2007

Pre-Holiday Bullishness?

09:43pm Sitting on my hands first...
09:54pm PRICE movement is in a mess at the moment. Need to see something clearer before doing anything.
10:09pm This is crazy, just trying to decipher where PRICE is going.
10:11pm Okay, now it's slightly better.
10:21pm SHORT 1516.50 / STOP 1517.50
10:23pm Moving STOP to 1517.25
10:24pm Moving STOP to 1516.75
10:27pm Stopped at 1516.75 / -0.25pts.
10:29pm Will wait for a Minor PPF of Resistance to go SHORT.
10:48pm No go at the moment.
11:59pm LONG 1517.50 / STOP 1516.75
12:03am Stopped at 1516.75 / -0.75pts. That Oscillation Higher High had me fooled into going LONG. Done for the night. 2 Trades. 2 Losers.

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