Tuesday, May 01, 2007


09:21pm A PRIME PPF of Resistance has occurred on the Trading Chart, at 1492.00 (07:21pm S'pore Time). If you had taken that SHORT, PRICE has to break through 1487.50. If not, then be prepared to go LONG, when a PF presents itself (Because TREND Chart is pointing straight up!).
09:31pm TRADING Chart: Minor PPF of Support.
09:33pm Will just be sidelined first...The inter-club squash game I had 2hours ago was a real toughie! I played a kid(20 yrs old) half my age - But I managed to beat him 3-2...yeah! The tiredness has not shown itself yet.
09:40pm TRADING Chart: PRIME PPF of Support - Confirmed bottom? Let's see if we get a PF (PRICE Failure), for that LONG trade.
09:54pm We are in danger of going lower. Leg 1 may not be done. We are a cross road - Better to stay out until a clearer set up presents itself.
10:00pm News related blip...
10:01pm There goes the low.
10:02pm My charts & data froze for a couple of seconds...
10:05pm TRADING Chart: 3 X Divergent Bottom / TREND Chart: 2 X Divergent Bottom.
10:06pm Super Aggressive LONG possibly setting up - not for the faint-hearted.
10:10pm Super Aggressive LONG at 1486.00 / STOP 1485.00
10:12pm Profit target for this LONG is 1488.00
10:13pm Moving STOP to B.E.
10:15pm Stopped at B.E.
10:18pm LONG 1486.25 / STOP 1485.00
10:19pm Stopped at 1485.00 by that fake-out / -1.25pt.
10:20pm One more possible LONG Trade & I'll call it a night - the tiredness is creeping in now.
10:23pm LONG 1484.50 / STOP 1483.50
10:25pm Stopped at 1483.50 / -1.00pt. Kinda stupid trades done tonight. All aggressive in nature - wrong to take such trades as I was trying to find a bottom. G'nite. 3 Trades. 2 Losers / 1 B.E.

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