Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slightly Positive Open for the ES

09:36pm PRICE has yet to fail in this upmove. We are now consolidating. TREND Chart is still pointing up. LONGs are still valid.
09:38pm Need a pull back to go LONG.
09:40pm 2 X Divergent Top on the Trading Chart.
09:55pm SHORT 1512.00 / STOP 1513.00. Minor PPF of Resistance - TREND Chart in PRIME.
09:57pm Moving STOP to 1512.25
10:02pm That "fake-out" spike nearly forced me to close the trade...
10:04pm Trying to hold out for my profit target at 1509.00 - if possible...
10:17pm Really frustrating...Stopped at 1512.25 / -0.25pts
10:30pm Heading out for a while...Be back later.
12:53am Just back from supper with my friend who just flew back from China.
12:58am PRICE is consolidating between PRIMEs, on the TREND Chart. Would need to see a breach of either Support or Resistance first, before taking the next trade.
01:45am Here is that Breach (Break-out) of Resistance...will look for a pull back to go LONG.
02:03am LONG 1513.00 / STOP 1512.00
02:06am Moving STOP to 1512.75
02:11am Moving STOP to 1514.50
02:14am Moving STOP to 1515.00
02:18am Stopped at 1515.00 / +2.00pts
02:37am Time for bed. G'nite all. 2 Trades. 1 Winner / 1 Loser.

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