Saturday, May 12, 2007

We are now in Leg 2 of Bull Break

12:23am Just hit home 15mins ago...was up north for a day trip. Will wash up first, before looking at the market.
01:38am SHORT 1507.75 / STOP 1508.75
01:42am Was very closed to being stopped out. Not out of the woods yet. Would be good if 1507.50 is taken out.
01:44am My wish came though...hehehe.
01:45am Moving STOP to 1508.50
01:49am Out at 1507.25 / + 0.50pts. Didn't like the way 1507.25 was being snapped up by buyers.
01:58am Guess my tiredness affected my judgement call there...Missed another 1.oopt profit.
02:10am PRICE is trying to turn up on the Trading Chart & TREND Chart.
02:21am SHORT 1506.25 / STOP 1507.25
02:22pm Moving STOP to 1507.00
02:26am Moving STOP to 1506.75
02:35am Inching my STOP down to 1506.50
02:38am Oscillation change. Moving my STOP back to 1506.75 to allow for some PRICE swings.
02:45am Stopped at 1506.75 / -0.50ts. I'm done for the night. 2 Trades. 1 Winner / 1 Loser.

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