Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bottom in Place?

09:06pm PRICE made a PRIME PPF of Support half an hour ago at 08:36pm at 1506.00. With the TREND Chart pointing up, are we gonna see last PRIME Resistance at 1527.00 challenged and Breached? On the reverse end, do keep a look out that PRICE does not breach 1506.00
09:43pm LONG 1515.25 / STOP 1514.25
09:45pm Stopped at 1514.25 / -1.00pt. TREND Chart just turned down...
09:46pm LONGs are still valid.
09:55pm Still sitting tight. Don't want to risk an early entry again.
10:01pm Economic data didn't impact the PRICE much.
10:03pm Spoke too soon...PRICE movements are quite volatile at the moment.
10:04pm PRICE is caught in a range at the moment.
10:23pm I walk away for a little while and Bamm! PRICE goes through the roof! What a bummer!
10:28pm LONGs, again, are valid.
10:33pm PRICE is in PRIME Support, on the TRADING Chart.
10:35pm LONG 1519.00 / STOP 1518.00 - My last trade for the night. Had a long and busy day today and I'm feeling rather tired.
10:39pm Stopped at 1518.00 / -1.00pt. Looks like another early entry. Anyway, I'm done for the night. 2 Trades. 2 Losers.

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