Friday, June 29, 2007

Figured Out How to Get the Continuous Chart, by Accident...

10:38pm This morning, when I was trying to get the new contract out for the SIMSCI on my charting software, I stumbled upon how to plot the continuous chart by accident. After that, I quickly used the procedure to correct the other index and currency contracts I've been monitoring and I must say, it is a great relief that I have managed to find the solution.
The rollover of contracts, without the #F symbol, had created problems in my reading of PRICE before. Now with this procedure, getting the right PRIMEs (especially on the SWING charts) should be a breeze when roll over occurs.
Due to this new found procedure, I need to correct the reading of the SWING Chart. We are still in a Bull TREND. The recent drop to 1492.00 was still above last PRIME Support at 1480.50 (SWING Chart Basis).
10:52pm Leg 2 and Leg 3 of Bear Break - We are back on the Bull TREND, on the TREND Chart.
10:54pm Leg 1 of Bear Break ended yesterday at 1528.00 & Leg 2 ended during the GLOBEX low of 1512.00 today. Leg 3 is currently still in progress...
12:48am Leg 3 of Bear Break ended at 1530.25.

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