Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Reluctant Bull?

09:57pm Just when it looked like the coast was clear for PRICE to head back up to challenge last PRIME Resistance, all Bullishness was decimated with the GLOBEX activity today. But the saving grace is that we are still above last PRIME Support at 1512.50, on the TREND Chart. Let's enjoy it while it lasts....LOL
10:10pm Just observing...
10:11pm 3 X Divergent Bottom on the TRADING Chart. 4 X Divergent Bottom on the TREND Chart. Be prepared for a possible change in direction in PRICE.
10:18pm LONG 1522.25 / STOP 1521.25
10:19pm Moving STOP to 1521.50
10:21pm Out at 1523.25 / +1.00pt.
10:29pm Best to wait out for a PRIME PPF of Support before taking the next trade.
10:33pm We just hit PRIME Support, on the SWING Chart. Let's see if PRICE will fail here...
10:34pm just pushed through the last low at 1520.75 but the downward thrust seems to be losing steam, though.
10:37pm Just when you think it's done pushing...the selling keeps on coming.
11:45pm Potential LONG Trade.
11:51pm No go for that LONG. If I were to go LONG now, it would be an aggressive trade.
02:01am Done for the night. 1 Trade. 1 Winner.

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