Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Resurgent Bull

10:04pm Just stepped into the house...and what a pleasant surprise, in the PRICE movement. We are now just 4 points away from the last PRIME Resistance High on the SWING Chart. Clearing 1543.00 would invalidate the earlier Leg 1 of Bull Break and bring PRICEs back into the Bull TREND, on the SWING Chart.
10:14pm Will be stepping away from the screen later..."Prison Break" is on the telly. LOL
12:30am I'm back. Looking for a potential LONG trade.
12:36am LONG 1538.75 / STOP 1537.75
12:38am Out at 1538.25 / -0.50pts. Got out due to PF.
12:40am That was a close one.
01:18am It's getting late. Time for bed. 1 Trade. 1 Loser.

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