Friday, June 15, 2007

This Bull Rocks !

10:17pm Just stepped into the house...and I must say that this Bull really rocks! Leg 1 of Bull Break on the SWING Chart has effectively been invalidated. We are back on the Bull TREND, on the SWING Chart. 1543.00 was taken out very convincingly. PRICE is consolidating at the moment.
10:36pm Aggressive SHORT at 1551.50 / STOP 1552.50
10:38pm Stopped at 1552.50 / -1.00pt.
10:46pm 3 X Divergent Top on the TRADING Chart. Very tempting to try another aggressive SHORT.
10:57pm LONG 1553.25 / STOP 1552.25
11:00pm Just when I decide not to fight the TREND, PRICE starts to turn...let's see if I get stop out or not.
11:06pm Stopped at 1552.25 / -1.00pt. Not my night...Have been pretty bogged down with my day job work - feeling tired and out of whack with the market...thus affecting my trading in the night.
Will enjoy the rest of the evening away from the PC screen. Have a good & safe weekend! 2 Trades. 2 Losers.

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