Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ES Recovers From Earlier Globex Losses

10:05pm TRADING Chart: Looking for a Minor PPF to go SHORT. TREND Chart's indicator has turned down.
10:11pm Still no PF to go SHORT. Have to leave the house for a while. Be back later...
10:27pm I'm back. If we get a PRIME PPF of Resistance here, on the TRADING Chart, it will be the signal to go SHORT.
10:34pm Not pulling the trigger yet...these are the types of moves that'll tempt you, and then STOP you out.
10:36pm I'll probably stay out of this trade. Reason being that the TREND & SWING Charts are both trying to turn up...
10:44pm Putting a BUY STOP at 1564.00 / STOP Loss at 1562.75
10:45pm LONG Trade activated at 1564.00 / STOP at 1562.75
10:48pm PRICE does look set to go higher...until the Matched PRICE at 1564.75. Let's just wait & see if PRICE is able to break through this level.
10:55pm A potential breakout in PRICE seems to be on the cards...
10:56pm I spoke too soon again...another fake-out instead.
10:57pm Stepping away for a while - STOP still in.
11:02pm Stop at 1562.75 / -1.25pts. Really frustarting trade. The PRICE movement is a real mess.

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