Friday, July 20, 2007

Off to a Bad Start

10:16pm Just stepped into the house, after spending 2 hours at the mall with the wife & kids. Looks like the Minor PPF of Resistance at 9:42pm gave way almost immediately to the down side - and with some strength too, I may add.
10:33pm No clear signal as whether a bottom is in. Will wait for a while...
11:00pm Might just get a LONG signal set up here.
11:12pm Missed that LONG there.
11:43pm We are inches away from Leg 3 of Bull Break being created.
12:15am 3 Legs of Bull Break Complete. We are now in a Bear TREND, on the TREND Chart.
12:28am Leg 1 of Back Door Bull Break as well, on the SWING Chart.

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