Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Positive Open In Store

09:56pm SHORT 1563.00 / STOP 1564.00 - tricky time to put in a trade. Data/News release at 10:00pm, S'pore Time.
09:58pm Moving STOP to 1563.75
10:01pm Moving STOP again to 1563.50
10:03pm No reaction. Moving STOP to B.E.
10:05pm Stopped at B.E.
10:09pm Waiting for another SHORT signal.
10:13pm SHORT 1562.50 / STOP 1563.50
10:19pm Out at B.E. - trade was taking too long.
10:21pm Just when I take it out, it swings 2pts in my favour! Aaarggh!!
10:42pm With Big Ben talking right now, it sure looks like the markets will be on hold for a while.
12:31am Done for the night. 2 Trades. 2 B.E.

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