Friday, July 06, 2007

A Possible Failure of Resistance Here?

10:22pm Will consider a SHORT Trade if we get a Oscillation PPF of 1537.50
10:26pm SHORT 1536.25 / STOP 1537.25
10:28pm Out at 1537.00 / -0.75pts. Up move still not done...
10:30pm Will wait for another SHORT Trade - unless PRICE chooses to break through Resistance at 1539.50
10:32pm Be back to take my dinner.
10:56pm SHORT 1536.50 / STOP 1537.50
10:58pm In order for this SHORT to work, 1535.00 must be taken out. If not, then we could be caught in consolidation.
11:02pm Moving STOP to 1537.00
11:03pm Stopped at 1537.00 / -0.50pts - Knew I had to lower my STOP...
11:06pm Stepping aside, to let PRICE "show its hand".
11:12pm It sure looks like PRICE is heading for 1540.75 on the TREND Chart, and to Breach it. 11:31pm We have a PRIME Match of Resistance (at the moment) at 1540.75, on the TREND Chart.
11:34pm We have crossed 1540.75
11:44pm PRICE movements coming to a crawl. It's Friday & lunch time is just round the corner.
01:11pm 2 Trades. 2 Losers.

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