Monday, July 02, 2007

This Bull ignores the weekend's terrorist acts

10:29pm In a surprising show of resilience, the indexes are all in positive territory, completely ignoring the weekend's terrorist acts in the UK.
10:32pm If the current up move is able to clear last PRIME Resistance (TREND Chart) at 1530.25, it would effectively invalidate Leg 1 of Bull Break, and bring us back into the Bull TREND, on the TREND Chart.
12:04pm In case you are wondering why I am not posting any trades, it's because I got home at 11:00pm just now, after bring the family up to JB for a daytrip. It's Youth Day today in Singapore & I decided to bring the family out (including my mom & aunty)...Am totally tired from the trip, so I'll be saying Good Nite now...

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