Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is the Bull Ready To Charge Again ?

My SWING Chart above...

My TREND Chart above...

Looking at my SWING Chart above (1st chart on top), we are now in Leg 1 of Bear Break. We still need 2 more Legs to complete the Bull TREND. So, be prepared for a pull back in PRICE, to challenge last PRIME Support at 1432.25 (to create a Higher PRIME Support Low), in order for PRICE to head higher, for Leg 3 of Bear Break to take place.
Again, a Happy National Day to all Singaporeans!
And for my overseas readers, you can catch the live webcast of the Singapore National Day Parade, (held for the very first time at Marina Bay) here on 9th August, 1800hrs / 6:00pm, Singapore Time.

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