Thursday, August 02, 2007

SWING Chart: Watch out for PRIME Resistance 1495.75 - Clearing this level will give us Leg 1 of Bear Break

09:57pm We are currently on a Bear TREND, on the SWING Chart. To reverse this, PRICE needs to clear 1495.75 to give us Leg 1 of Bear Break.
10:46pm PRICE needs to creat a PRIME Higher Low (Leg 2 of Bear Break - TREND Chart), in order to head higher...
12:01am PRIME Higher Low has just been created at 1466.00. Leg 3 of Bear Break here we come !!
12:14am PRICE just made a PRIME Higher High. We are back on the Bull TREND.
12:18am Now last PRIME Support at 1466.00 is important - PRICE must stay above this level, in order for the Bull TREND to continue (until the next PRIME Support is created, of course).

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