Thursday, September 06, 2007

TREND Chart: Leg 1 of Bull Break

My TRADING Chart of 8:33pm, Singapore Time

08:29pm With the Leg 1 of Bull Break on my TREND Chart, SHORTs would be very much the expected trades tonight. A PRIME PPF of Last PRIME Resistance at 1481.25, on the TRADING Chart would reinforce this view.
08:38pm SHORT 1476.25 / STOP 1477.75
08:41pm Moving STOP to 1477.25
08:43pm PRICE is heading down to challenge 1469.75 - It has to breach this level...
08:46pm Quite a bit of wild swings in PRICE movement.
08:47pm Moving STOP to 1476.75
08:48pm Moving STOP to B.E.
08:51pm Stopped at B.E.
09:06pm Let's see if the PPF occurs here instead...The first trade was an early one. However, with the TREND Chart having turned up, it is preventing me from going SHORT again...Best to watch what happens first.

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