Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are We Gonna See a Bottom in PRICE Movement Tonight?

09:46pm We are having a PRIME PPF of Support, on the TREND Chart...
10:06pm PRICE on the TRADING Chart has to hold its ground first, before a LONG Trade set up appears.
10:18pm Waiting for a pull back in PRICE, before going LONG.
10:26pm LONG 1546.00 / STOP 1545.00
10:30pm Out at 1548.25 / +2.25pts.
10:32pm It's best if PRICE is able to pull back, to confirm PRIME Support, on the TRADING Chart, so as to head back up to challenge 1555.00. Breaching 1555.00 would be the first step, to reversing the down move of the last few sessions.
10:39pm PRICE is in PRIME Support, on the TRADING Chart.
10:40pm Waiting for a PF (PRICE Failure) to go LONG.
10:41pm Hmmm...Oscillation change - May be an early LONG entry here. Will observe first...
10:42pm Yep...PRICE is still not ready for a LONG set up.
10:48pm LONG 1545.25 / STOP 1544.25
10:51pm Stopped at 1544.25 / -1.00pt.
10:53pm LONG 1545.50 / STOP 1544.50 - Last trade for the night.
11:00pm Stopped at 1544.50 / -1.00pt.
11:02pm The "whipsaws" basically took out my stops - very frustrating !

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