Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TREND Chart: PRICE is Heading Up, Till it Fails...

10:14pm Looking for a LONG Trade.
10:22pm With the TREND Chart having just turned down, a LONG Trade would be risky. Will see what PRICE is gonna do next.
10:24pm Looks like a SHORT Trade is setting up now...
10:40pm SHORT 1521.50 / STOP 1522.50
10:43pm Out at 1521.25 / +0.25pts. PRICE is refusing to go down.
10:45pm As usual...the "fake outs" are rampant.
10:54pm Getting ready for another SHORT.
10:57pm SHORT 1519.00 / STOP 1520.00
10:58pm Moving STOP to 1519.50
11:00pm Out at 1517.50 / +1.50pts.

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