Monday, December 24, 2007

Here's the British Pound Futures SWING Chart. Currently Leg 1 of Bull Break is in Progress

My British Pound Futures SWING Chart above...
PRICE made a PRIME Lower Low and as such, has created Leg 1 of Bull Break. Looking at my TREND Chart, there is yet to be any sign, that the bottom is in, for this down move. Once a confirmation of the down move is shown, PRICE will then have to head back up, to challenge Last PRIME Resistance, at 2.1138, to fail, and to get us a PRIME Lower High, for Leg 2 of Bull Break to take place.

Remember, my mentor's methodology requires that we have 3 Full Legs established, (Lower Low, Lower High, then Lower Low), in order to create a change in the TREND.

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