Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Leg 1 of Back Door Bear Break in Progress, on the TREND Chart

10:43pm Long 1431.75 / STOP 1430.75
10:45pm Moving STOP to 1431.25
10:46pm Moving STOP to Break-Even.
10:48pm Out at 1434.50 / +2.75pts.
10:50pm Whoa...got out just in time...the retracement in PRICE is pretty deep.
10:52pm Are we done with Leg 1 of Back Door Bear Break? Let's see if a SHORT set-up presents itself...
11:04pm Thot the data released would dampen the mood...apparently it didn't.
11:06pm Leg 1 is still alive and kicking! Waiting for another LONG set-up.
11:15pm Hesitant to go LONG here...PRICE movement's not too good.
11:19pm SHORT? Let's wait for the set-up.
11:22pm Wait for it...
11:24pm SHORT 1436.50 / STOP 1437.50
11:25pm Oops...Stopped at 1437.50 / -1.00pt.
11:26pm Hmmm...a "fake-out", to hit the STOPs? Looks like it.
11:27pm Let's try again.
11:27pm SHORT 1434.50 / STOP 1436.00
11:31pm Out at 1434.00 / +0.50pts. Let's take some off the table first.
11:33pm Grrrr....they sure know how to pi** me off.
11:56pm PRICE is "playing" in a 2 1/2 pt range, at the moment.
12:12am Leg 2 is progressing very quietly.
12:17am Time for me to hit the sack...

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