Sunday, May 18, 2008

EURO Futures SWING Chart: Leg 1 of Bear Break (as warned in my last post)

My EURO Futures SWING Chart above...
I do apologise for "missing in action" for the last 10 days or so...have been really caught up with my day job.
In any case, with reference to my last post, I had stated specifically to look out for a possible reversal in the Bear Break shown on the EURO Futures, as clearly on the POSITION Chart, PRICE was still very much on a Bull TREND, and it was just looking for that opportunity to find a base, and to launch itself upwards again. That time has come and on Fri, PRICE went back up to challenge last PRIME Resistance (SWING Chart) and made a new PRIME Resistance High. As usual, we need the FULL 3 Legs, to complete the reversal in the TREND.

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