Monday, July 14, 2008

Macquarie Warrant Hotshot Competition

Sorry for disappearing for more than a dayjob has been keeping me pretty busy.
In any case, just wanted you guys to know that I've signed up for the Macquarie Warrant Hotshot Competition here in Singapore, which incidently starts today. Being a Competition, Money Management gets thrown out of the window, literally.
I've always wanted to see how effective it was, using Futures Charts to purchase Options/Warrants, what with time decay and all. All said, it's been a good start as I purchased 200 Lots of Hang Seng PUT WARRANTS HSI22400MBLePW080828, shortly after the Hang Seng opened. 100 Lots done at $0.470 and another 100 Lots done at $0.465. I squared my position just 5minutes before the lunch time break, with a Profit of $16,500. Not too shabby, I must say...
Still, I have 8 whole weeks to work at this, and the Top Prize is also not too bad as well - a cool S$20,000 !! Will try to put a screen shot of my profit - If I can figure out how to do it...hehehe. PS. If anyone of you knows how I can capture a screen shot of my Realised Profi/Loss, please leave the instructions in the "comments" section of this post. Thanks a million!


GS751 said...

I am guessing you have a PC but for a Mac you just hit Shift + Ctrl + 4 and you can frame what you want to take a screenshot.

This might help.

gerimegaly said...

Thx gs751...
Yes, mine's a PC. Will try the link you've given me.
But unfortunately, due to the Dow's action last night, my competition portfolio is currently down, due to the Call Warrants I bought before the close of the market. :-(

GS751 said...

Yeah, I don't think we are gonna see the dow at 12k plus for a long long time over the longer term at least. This goes back to some of my theories about how many companies earnings have artificially inflated due to credit derivatives, which has allowed crappy businesses to prosper because of cheap cost of capital. I think that these derivatives have skewed the relationship between debtors and creditors which is fundamental to an economy. The dow is a little different because many of those companies have been around for a very long time. But yeah I am starting to ramble. What currency are your futures denominated in? I have never traded a future in my life, but have been trading equity options for awhile. Anyways I enjoy your blog.

gerimegaly said...

Hi gs751,

my apologies for replying late. Been bogged down with my day job, and this blog has been totally neglected for the longest of time. Thx again for your compliments, and I really appreciate your regular visits.
Regarding the futures contracts I trade, they are USD denominated contracts. Mainly the ES, which is the S&P emini futures contract.