Friday, September 19, 2008

Again, Nothing Has Changed...

My ES SWING Chart above...
As per last post on Wednesday, I had expected PRICE to head back to PRIME Resistance but alas, it failed, and it went back down to create a Lower PRIME Support instead. Now, with PRICE already in PRIME Resistance, the expectation of course, is to see another failure (PPF) of last PRIME Resistance at 1282.00. And until that happens, we still have about 40 odd ES points, to trade this upmove.

With all 3 Legs of Bull Break in place, we are currently in a Bear TREND, on the SWING Chart. So, unless PRICE chooses to move otherwise, we would be expecting PRICE to create a PRIME Lower High, in this upswing.


Anonymous said...

Hi G,
Great blog,enjoy it. Agree it is a long term down trend with short term up swing. Q:
1. which brokerage firm in Singapore has/have good cheap commission/good service to trade future index (HSI) and ES. Malaysia is not allowed to trade.
2. where can i research on EOD/intraday data for HSI, ES.

Thx in advance.


gerimegaly said...

Thx RB for your kind words...

Currently, I am only trading the ES, and not the HSI. Am however monitoring the price movements of the HSI, so that I'll be ready, when I decide to trade it one day.
My broker for the ES, is a US online discount broker.

I didn't know that you are not allowed to trade in Malaysia. You mean they do not offer such products there?
I believe you can trade thru a US Online Broker, right? 'Cos I know that there are quite a handful of Futures Traders in Malaysia, trading the ES...

As for EOD data, I believe you can get it thru eSignal for the ES, but not sure about the HSI...sorry.

Anonymous said...


I attempted to contact your mentor for information on his teaching, bit his website no longer exsists.

Do you have a new website for him ?

Thanks, Steve

gerimegaly said...

Hi Steve, go to Price Physics, under "Links", on the right hand side of my Blog.

Anonymous said...

Thax G,

Malaysia govnt does not allow licenses to brokers to trade HSI. Do you have any recommendation for online discount US broker?


RB, M'sia

gerimegaly said...

Hi RB,

I see...

As to US Online Brokers, drop me an email at, and I'll get Michelle, my Broker, to show you what they offer.

Best of all, her company does not require huge sums, just to open a futures trading account with them.

The minimum amount you need, to start with them, is only about US$2,000.