Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain beats Holland 1-0. And a good start for me too...LOL

Last night, after dinner at Parkway Parade Shopping Mall, I decided to have some fun, by placing a small wager on the World Cup Finals match between Holland & Spain at the Singapore Pools outlet there. I told my wife that I expected both teams to be "equalised" by the end of normal time, and thus my reason for opting for a draw.

I had planned to watch the match, but ended up "knocking out" on the sofa, way before the match started at 2:30am. Briefly drifting in & out of sleep, and trying very hard to open my eyes to watch the match, I eventually garnered enough "strength" to open my eyes at 4:48am. At that point, I realised that I had won my bet, as the match was still being played - Extra Time (reason being that normal time would have ended by 4:30am, latest - if at least one team had led by a single goal).

Well, this little "win" is a good start to kick off my trading (soon), after such a long break...

PS. For the record, Spain beat Holland 1-0. Goal was scored in the 2nd half of Extra Time.

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