Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting There...

Another great trading session last night as I slowly but surely clawed back what I had gave back to the market last Friday and this Monday. A total of seven trades were executed, of which three of them were +2.50pts, +2.25pts & +2.50pts. On the flipside, the other four trades were losers of -0.75pts (3) and -0.25pt(1). That equates to a net gain of +4.75pts for the night.

I'm pretty happy with my trading so far as I am making small losses but the gains are much more. This is the only way I can move forward, without having to worry about the "2 Steps forward and 3 steps back" happening. And once my confidence in taking good profit grows, that's where I will test the waters of adding more contracts. That will be the true test and also the only way to exponentially grow my account. I really look forward to that day.

I am truly blessed!!

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