Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last night's trading was a nightmare as I ended the session totally frustrated! Losses were really kept at a minimum at either -0.50 or
-0.75pts but it was the way PRICE whipsawed around that killed my trades.

At times, I was in the clear by +1.50pts, only to see PRICE heading back towards my entry point, and then hitting my STOP. And at other moments, either when a clear LONG or SHORT trade was setting up, I would take it, only to see PRICE swing back up (or down), to hit my STOP almost immediately. It was just one of those nights where directional trades were clearly lacking. Sigh...

For the record, my losses for the night were a total of -4.25pts.
At this point in time, I am still up by +US$167.00, from my original starting account balance. Need to protect & grow it!

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Trade Authority said...

Hello! Don't worry about it there's always the next day session to gain your trades.