Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Markets took a breather last night, with some downside bias. Initial SHORTs were the order during the early part of the trading session. Was able to garner +2.75pts from 2 trades & I called it a night, preferring to catch the episode of Fringe on the telly.

I had lost -1.50pts last Fri but with yesterday's gain, I am back to +192.50, from my original starting trading balance. It's been a ding-dong affair and I have been rather disappointed that I am still unable to "break out to the upside", in terms of my trading account balance.

But after reading a short & simple trading article written by an FX trader, it sort of allayed my concerns and it also helped me to see the bigger picture. I just need to continue doing what I'm doing, and more importantly, to be consistent in taking the trades, as they set up, according to my set of rules. In time to come, that consistency will simply result in a rise in my confidence, and as well as an increase in my trading account. Bring it on!!

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