Wednesday, November 03, 2010

See - Saw Account Level

It's been a see-saw kind of week for me as I gave back what I had earned on Monday. Had a couple of Break Even trades but I also had two perfectly good trade setups that I took (with unrealised profit of at least 1.50pts) go against me as I moved my STOPs nearer to Break Even levels. They turned out even more profitable as PRICE went down after hitting me. Aaaargh!!

I had mentioned yesterday that PRICE was still very much on an uptrend and it would challenge 25th Oct's high...and sure enough, it did last night and cleared that level. And if you look closely above, PRICE is now trading at 1196.00 during after market hours.
As in the words of my Mentor,
"PRICE will continue to go in the direction it is going...until it fails"
For the record, I gave up -3.00pts last night.

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