Thursday, June 21, 2007

As Warned Last Night, Leg 1 of Bull Break...

Other than the slight reprieve, where PRICEs pull backed to the 1550.50 level, PRICE continued its move lower as warned. Last PRIME Support (TREND Chart) at 1540.50 was challenged and breached, thus creating Leg 1 of Bull Break. That was just the beginning of more to come as PRICE continually made Lower PRIME Highs and Lower PRIME Lows, on the TRADING Chart. Going into the close, PRICE is still heading down. One thing to note, however is that with last night's down move, PRICE has hit PRIME Support, on the SWING Chart.
Last PRIME Support on the SWING Chart is at 1494.25 - Thus we are still very much in a Bull TREND, on a SWING Chart Basis.

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